Testing WMI with WBEMTEST

I was helping an administrator troubleshoot SCOM WMI alerts for a server the other day utilizing the wbemtest tool and was a bit surprised that he had never heard of the utility.  I personally use this tool quite often to test WMI connectivity, namespaces, queries, etc. for both SCOM and SCCM issues and find it quite useful, so I decided to do a quick post in case anyone else is not familiar with the tool.

To start, log onto the SCOM management server or SCCM site server from which the issue is occurring, or if it is a client side issue, log on to the client locally.  From the SCOM perspective, the alert will provide this information.
1.  Right click the start menu/Windows logo, select Run, and enter wbemtest in the Run field
2.  On the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester page select Connect

3.  Press Connect and enter \\servername\ before “root\cimv2” in the Namespace field.  \\server\ will be the server that is having the issues.


**Note: If you get an error here, either a firewall/ACL are blocking the connection or there is a WMI issue on the computerr (corruption, etc.).  You can verify by running wbemtest on the local computer (see #6 below).

5.  Select Query

6.  Enter a query to and press Apply to test WMI functionality.  If you are troubleshooting a SCOM alert, the namespace and/or query should be provided in the alert.
    Query example: select * from Win32_Computersystem


**Note: If you get an error when running the query there is most likely a WMI corruption issue (amongst other possibilites). See the following link for details: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2009/04/13/wmi-rebuilding-the-wmi-repository.aspx