Test Database Connectivity Using A UDL File

Another helpful little trick that I find most people are unaware of is utilizing a UDL file to test database connectivity.  From the System Center perspective, I have utilized this method to test database connectivity issues quite often.  It’s simple…and it’s quick!

1. Open Notepad

2. Save your blank Notepad file as test.udl (be sure to change the “Save as type:” to All Files)


3. You will now see the UDL file in the location where you saved the file.  In my case, it is located on my desktop.



4. Double-click the UDL file to open

5. On the Data Link Properties page, follow the steps to configure your test:

a. (1.) Enter your SQL server name

b. (2.) Either choose “Use Windows NT Integrated security” to use the Windows account you are logged in as or “Use a specific user name and password” to use a SQL account

c. (3.) Select the “Select the database on the server:” drop down.  If the databases appear, things are looking good!  If you get an error, you know that there is a problem.

d. Click the “Test Connection” button to verify connectivity


That’s it!


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