Redesigned #MSOMS Log Search Page

I recently opened the OMS Log Search page to demonstrate a few queries and noticed that the page has changed quite a bit.  My first thought was, where did my saved queries go?  However, after a few seconds of browsing around, I was able to display all of my previously created saved queries by simply selecting the Favorites icon at the top left corner of the Log Search page.  Once you select this icon, the Saved Queries window will open on the right side of the search page.


A few notes about this new Log Search page layout:

  • The first item you see in large letters is a simple search query showing how to find all data for a specific data set, including which data set needs to be collected for the query to show data.
  • I really like that the first link below the “Let’s Start Searching!” example is the “All Collected Data” query.  This simple query shows all of the data types collected by OMS and is a great starting point to show how OMS Log Query Syntax works.Cro.pngquery
  • There are several helpful links which are displayed on the right side of the home page.  Whether you are trying to create queries for the first time or simply need a refresher, I recommend taking a look at the Search Overview and Query Language Help links.2016-07-14_9-04-33
  • Clicking the History icon will display recent queries in a window on the right side of the page.  Additionally, once you start typing a query into the Log Search window, recent queries will appear as they did before this design change.

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