The New and Improved AD Management Packs are here!

I blogged earlier this year about a great post describing how the Microsoft AD team was re-engineering the AD management packs.  Well, after many months, the mps have been delivered!  Even better, they include 2012 and 2016.  There are a ton of changes in the new management packs which Kevin Holman covers here.  See here for a great behind the scenes description of the changes and process from earlier this year.

Exciting stuff!


New SCOM Assessment Coming Soon in OMS!

I was doing some development work in OMS this morning and noticed that there is a new SCOM Assessment solution in the gallery marked as “coming soon”.  Nice!  There were already a ton of reasons for companies using SCOM to roll out OMS, and this is certainly another one.  I can’t count the number of SCOM environments that I’ve worked with that simply didn’t have the expertise and/or time to track down every issue with configuration, performance, administration, etc.  This solution appears to be a great step towards resolving those issues.

From the solution description:

“The recommendations are based on the knowledge and experiences gained by Microsoft engineers across thousands of customer engagements.”

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No More SQL Run As Account?

A good friend of mine, Ralph Kyttle, who works at Microsoft as an MCS Consultant in the DC area, recently pinged me about a new configuration he was testing which circumvented the use of a traditional SQL Run As Account.  Rather than configuring the traditional SQL Run As Account (we all know how much fun that is), the Health Service was configured to use a Service Security Identifier (SID) which allows the SCOM agent to monitor SQL server without all of the tedious permission configuration.  To add even more value, Kevin Holman published a great blog post yesterday highlighting the details of this configuration and added a really cool monitor and tasks to help ensure that this configuration is functioning properly. Very cool stuff!

Have a look at Kevin’s blog post here for more details.


Redesigned Active Directory Management Pack Coming Soon!

I noticed today on the momteam TechNet blog that a new, redesigned Active Directory management pack will be released with Windows Server 2016.  There are a lot of really cool changes in the management pack, including a major change to replication monitoring and a move from the current event driven model to synthetic monitors. Exciting stuff!  I have included a link to the blog post below, which includes  link to the preview management pack.


OMS Alerting and Remediation

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released the OMS Alerting feature in preview, which includes some really useful features like alert notifications and remediation.  We are now able to set up alerts for any saved search query we create in OMS, which gives us the capability to alert on all of our solutions (Security and Audit, Alert Management, custom logs, performance data, etc.).  Additionally, we are given the capability to select Azure Automation runbooks during OMS Alert configuration to remediate our alerts both on-premises and in the cloud.  Very cool!

In my last post, SCOM + OMS + Azure Automation here, I discussed a custom solution using custom fields, the OMS Search API and Azure Automation to automate remediation tasks.  The concepts in this post certainly still apply, but now we have a built in feature which uses webhooks and does not require the OMS Search API logic to be included in our alert remediation runbooks.  Let’s check it out…..

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VSAE Released for Visual Studio 2015

A few weeks ago Microsoft released Visual Studio Authoring Extensions for Visual Studio 2015.  I personally ran into the issue where VSAE was not compatible with the version of Visual Studio 2015 installed on my device, so this is great news!

OMS – Get Ready For App Dependency Monitor (Blue Stripe in OMS)

While setting up some configuration in OMS today I noticed a new solution called App Dependency Monitor marked as “Coming Soon”.   When clicking on this solution, it quickly became clear that this solution is where the integration from Microsoft’s acquisition of BlueStripe will occur.  I will certainly be keeping my eye out for this release!

From the MMS Solutions Gallery Description: