Create OMS Computer Groups Based on Operating System and Versions

I was working with a customer today and I was asked the question: “Why aren’t computers automatically grouped by OS (Linux and Windows) in OMS?  Further, if computers are not  automatically grouped by OS, is there an easy way to create this grouping?  Like SCOM, OMS is very flexible so my canned answer to questions like these is always “we can most likely make it happen”.  That said, I had not looked at his particular scenario so I was anxious to dig in and discover the answers for myself.

After a bit of investigation, I was happy to see that the new Heartbeat data does include fields for OSType, OSMajorVersion, and OSMinorVersion.  Using these fields we can very easily create computer groups based on OS and OS versions.  Nice!

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The Linux agent for OMS has been released!

The Linux agent for OMS has been released and it’s looks like it provides some really cool features!

Deploy SCOM Agent to Linux Manually

There have been quite a few great posts covering the installation of SCOM agents on Linux server out there, but I wanted to post a consolidated version.  I find this condensed process very helpful, so hopefully it will assist you in your SCOM xplat adventures!


  • Verify that DNS is configured properly for the Linux host
  • Verify the server can be pinged
  • Verify that ssh is enabled and the server can be reached from the management server over port 22

Deploy Linux SCOM Agent Manually:

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