New SCOM Assessment Coming Soon in OMS!

I was doing some development work in OMS this morning and noticed that there is a new SCOM Assessment solution in the gallery marked as “coming soon”.  Nice!  There were already a ton of reasons for companies using SCOM to roll out OMS, and this is certainly another one.  I can’t count the number of SCOM environments that I’ve worked with that simply didn’t have the expertise and/or time to track down every issue with configuration, performance, administration, etc.  This solution appears to be a great step towards resolving those issues.

From the solution description:

“The recommendations are based on the knowledge and experiences gained by Microsoft engineers across thousands of customer engagements.”

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Using OMS Log Search to Troubleshoot SCOM (or any other application)

I was recently working with a customer where I was engaged to assist with troubleshooting several errors that were occurring in the Operations Manager event log across a SCOM Management Group.  Because there were multiple errors occurring across several agents, the customer was having a difficult time tracking down which errors were occurring and which server they were occurring on.  It proved very difficult to parse alerts and log into individual servers and event logs to try and identify issues, much less correlate the issues across the environment.  After taking some time to understand the challenge, it seemed to me like a great opportunity to use OMS!

OMS Log Search gives us the ability to 1) identify all error events occurring in the Operations Manager event log (or almost any other log) across all servers in the environment and 2) allows us to then show all computers where each error is occurring without ever logging into a server.  Very cool!

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VSAE Released for Visual Studio 2015

A few weeks ago Microsoft released Visual Studio Authoring Extensions for Visual Studio 2015.  I personally ran into the issue where VSAE was not compatible with the version of Visual Studio 2015 installed on my device, so this is great news!

Test Database Connectivity Using A UDL File

Another helpful little trick that I find most people are unaware of is utilizing a UDL file to test database connectivity.  From the System Center perspective, I have utilized this method to test database connectivity issues quite often.  It’s simple…and it’s quick!

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Testing WMI with WBEMTEST

I was helping an administrator troubleshoot SCOM WMI alerts for a server the other day utilizing the wbemtest tool and was a bit surprised that he had never heard of the utility.  I personally use this tool quite often to test WMI connectivity, namespaces, queries, etc. for both SCOM and SCCM issues and find it quite useful, so I decided to do a quick post in case anyone else is not familiar with the tool.

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SCOM – Use SQL Server Profiler to capture SQL queries used by the SCOM console

There have been many scenarios where a customer has asked what query is being used in a report, dashboard, view, etc. in the SCOM console.  This information can be useful for many reasons, but in particular, I find that I often utilize it for reverse engineering reports and queries and for troubleshooting.  There is a fairly simple way to obtain this information using SQL Server Profiler traces…

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